Standard Sizes:

22mm x 100mm x 0.6m – 3.3m (increments of 300mm)

32mm x 96mm x 0.6m – 3,0m (increments of 300mm)


Log Profile Cladding is used as exterior and interior wall covering for timber frame houses. Timber frame buildings continue to grow in popularity as timber is a sustainable resource and therefore much more environmentally friendly than ordinary brick and mortar. A timber frame house is aesthetically pleasing and if built according to SANS10082 standards, structurally very strong and durable. It is therefore a very popular choice for tourist accommodation on game farms, lodges and coastal resorts. For exterior applications our Log Cladding is CCA treated to hazard class H3, which is a treatment against termites, woodborer attack and fungal decay, suitable for exterior, above ground applications. This treatment is done in accordance with SANS457 and SANS1288 and overseen by SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Services). For more information on treatment of timber please visit www.sawpa.org.za.

Log Profile Cladding manufactured by GG Timbers can also be used for building Log Cabins, Garden Sheds, dog kennels and fencing.

GG Timbers Image 1

Stud spacing is determined by the load of the roof structure that the walls must carry. In case of non load bearing walls 38 x 114 or 38 x 76 studs may be used with spacing that does not exceed 600mm. Log cladding should be fixed to each stud with the correct size chip board screws. Fix the boards horizontally with the overlap facing upwards. Please refer to the National Standard SANS10082 for more information on Timber Frame Construction.